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Don’t have time to grow and purify your antibody from a hybridoma?

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  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Fast turn-around time​
  • Ultra-high purity​
  • Low endotoxin levels​
  • Cell line cryo-storage​
  • MAP testing

Contract Production Of Antibodies

At Bio X Cell, we know that growing hybridoma cells and purifying antibodies in the quantities needed for in vivo pre-clinical research can be technically challenging and time-consuming. Since 1997, our industry-leading antibodies and antibody production services for in vivo research have allowed our customers more time to achieve scientific discoveries. 

Bio X Cell provides production and purification services of antibodies produced from pre-existing hybridoma cell lines. This service includes fermentation of the hybridoma in cell culture, harvest of the cell culture supernatant by centrifugation, and concentration by 30 kDa ultrafiltration. Purification is then performed by Protein A or G affinity chromatography, and the purified antibody is dialyzed into PBS and filter-sterilized. All our custom products are delivered with an endotoxin level < 2EU/mg. 

Our antibody production platform is easily scalable to deliver the large quantities required for in vivo pre-clinical research with quick turnaround time. Our platform is also customizable, allowing you to choose additional services as needed, including cell line storage, ultra-low endotoxin levels, and murine pathogen screening. 

We know that research moves at a fast and precise pace, and we aim to partner with you to achieve your goals. Get started by submitting a Cell Line Information Form today.


SIZE 50mg 100mg 200mg 500mg
ACADEMIC $1920 $3070 $4910 $15200
COMMERCIAL $2950 $4720 $7550 $9900


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Reference code: HUSTLE10 in your Cell Line Information Form or in an email to Offer is valid for Bio X Cell customers, now through 6/30/2021. Offer may not be combined with other promotions or discount codes. Academic and non-profit pricing can be applied.


* All hybridomas submitted for contract production will be first evaluated in a small-scale pilot to determine whether the productivity is suitable for a full-scale production. The fee for the pilot is $800. This fee will be waived if the production proceeds to full scale. 

* For pricing greater than 500 mg, please email 

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